A fortnight of having a client

For my task in this project, i had been given an article about night gardening, find it here, this was chosen for me because I’m often drawing plants and foliage in my work and Nadia thought it would suit my style well, and it has been a really nice article to illustrate. despite it not being a factual article it had a lot of interesting and inspiring points, it gave a lot of information on the types of plants needed in a garden at night time which helped me on deciding my colour palette, and range of imagery to use in the design of my work. I sent Nadia a few thumbnails i’d sketched out to get feedback on what i should change and keep the same. Together we worked out the best outcome from my designs and i went forward and created this image, which I’m very pleased with. occasionally i found the limited colour palette tricky to work with as it took a lot of planning on which colours could go where but after playing around i figured it out and Nadia is also really pleased with it.


Night garden editorial illustration piece


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